Book Review

Zulu Tribal Art

by Alex Zaloumis

This increasingly hard to find book features 162 beautifully photographed Zulu artefacts from private collections around the world, including those of Willy Wales (Calverton Collection), Mark Valentine, Alex Zaloumis and Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top).

There is a detailed introduction on the origins of Zulu tribal art by Alex Zaloumis, as well as a glossary of Zulu terms and a timeline of the Zulu kings. But the focus of this book is on the full page high quality photographs of world class headrests, pots, earplugs, snuff containers, spoons, milk pails and meat platters.

This is an essential reference book for anyone interested in Southern African or Nguni art , African forms, or the design of functional every day objects. Zulu art is sorely unappreciated and neglected compared to that of West Africa and this book goes a long way to showing just how special some of it can be.