Book Review

The Art of Southern Africa

The Terence Pethica Collection

by Sandra Klopper and Anitra Nettleton

This book features a selection of objects from the Southern African collection Terence Pethica, a well known collector who became interested in the tribal art of Southern Africa after visiting the Africa: Art of A Continent exhibition in London.

Art from Southern African consists mostly of personal prestige objects, including intricately carved walking sticks, weapons, beautifully ornate headrests, snuff containers, post and meat platters. This book explores the whole region through 140 full colour plates, including many objects of which have never been seen before. Of particular note is the superb headrest section, featuring headrests from the Zulu, Shona and Tsonga tribes.

The book includes an interview with Terence Pethica by Sandra Klopper, who also contributes an interesting essay on context and identity. An additional easy on headrests by Anitra Nettleton is a welcome addition.