Book Review

The Art of Southeast Africa

From the Conru Collection

by Kevin Conru and Sandra Klopper

Renowned tribal art dealer Kevin Conru started his career in Southern Africa where he was working as an orchestral double bassist. This book features the cream of his personal collection, acquired over a lifetime of collecting.

The art of Southern Africa and Eastern Africa is badly documented compared to those of the Congo or West Africa. The objects tend to be small, portable, functional objects (with a few exceptions) as opposed to the masks and figures from other parts of Africa. To dismiss these objects would be a mistake however, as they are fantastic examples of form and function, and are great African art objects in their own right.

The book is filled with full page colour photographs of rare figures, prestige staffs, knobkerries, shields, snuff containers and combs from the Zulu and other Nguni speaking tribes of Southeast Africa, and includes essays from Sandra Klopper and Karel Nel. If you are at all interested in South African tribal art this belongs on your bookshelf.