Bruno Claessens Interviews Kathryn Wysocki Gunsch July 23, 2018 – Posted in: Books, interview

The always excellent Bruno Claessens has a fascinating interview with Kathryn Wysocki Gunsch on his website. Kathryn, who is Department Head for the Arts of Africa and Oceania at the Boston Museum of Fine rts, is of course the author of the recently released Benin Plaques – A 16th Century Imperial Monument (read our site review here), or buy from Amazon here.

The Benin Plaques: A 16th Century Imperial Monument

I loved this quote:

Did you get to answer all the questions you had ?

No! We never get to answer all our questions, right? I am still not sure why the first set of plaques has a strict width of 30cm, and the narrow plaques are nearly all 19cm wide, but the later sets are more variable in their width. But if I had answered all my questions, what would I do next?

That pretty much sums up my personal feelings on tribal art. There are always questions and avenues to explore, that’s what keeps it fun